About Karner Blue Marketing – Award Winning Marketing Firm

We find it VERY rewarding to share expertise, emerging trends and PROVEN cutting solutions that help entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes achieve real, measurable results.


…An Award-Winning Marketing Firm
Karner Blue Marketing, LLC. was founded by Rebecca Murtagh. With over 25+ years of traditional marketing experience and14 years in e-business strategy, e-commerce, website development, design, usability & conversion, search engine optimization, social media and internet marketing, Karner Blue Marketing is known and respected for success in helping businesses harness the power of the Internet to achieve their goals.

…Marketing Coaching & Training: Helping You Stay Current
Karner Blue Marketing
regularly conducts private corporate SEO, web site copywriting, design, social media, Google Analytics and internet marketing training seminars, classes and workshops to Karner Blue U attendees, entrepreneur and professional associations across the USA. Visit KarnerBlueU.com to learn more.

…Recognized Expertise
Long considered a respected expert in her field, Karner Blue Marketing Founder and Chief Strategist, Rebecca Murtagh has been invited to speak to corporate executives, web and marketing staff, professional organizations, convention and conference attendees across the United States since 1998.

Rebecca has presented at:

Web 2.0 – San Francisco
Pharma SEM – Princeton, NJ
NHFA – Nassau Bahamas
ISA – Orlando, Florida
ALTA – New Orleans, LA
COSMA – Boca Raton, FL
NAPM – Albany, NY
and many local, regional and private corporate events.
Karner Blue Marketing LLC

Rebecca quickly wins the confidence of her audiences with her depth of knowledge and helps them get excited about actionable steps they can take to grow their business with timely information, proven methods and best practices.

Learn more about Rebecca Murtagh or Karner Blue Marketing.